Thinking About Using Solar Power In Your Phoenix Valley Home? This is How it WorksOf all the places in the U.S., using solar power in the Phoenix area makes the most sense. According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, the desert Southwest receives solar concentrations of 6.5 to 7.0 kilowatts per meter squared each day. A square meter is equivalent to 10.7 feet, so the solar potential in our region is exceptional.

How solar energy works

Solar panels on your roof convert sunshine to electricity. The electricity flows from the panels into an inverter that changes it from direct current to alternating current. It flows into your electric meter, and if anything using electricity is running, the solar-generated electricity feeds it. If nothing’s running or you’re creating more power than you can use, it will go back into the power lines supplying your home, which can earn you credit from your local electricity provider.

If you have a portion of your roof that faces south or west, you can turn your home into a power producer, especially during the spring, summer and fall when the sunshine in our region is most intense and dependable. That power can be used for virtually anything, including your air conditioner that gets a serious workout during our long, hot summers.

Phoenix homeowners can offset the cost of solar panels for their homes by using a tax credit good through 2016. This credit gives you up to 30 percent of the cost and installation back, as long as the solar installation meets the qualifying standards.

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