Properly Insulate Your Solar Water Heater for Winter Weather With the arrival of cooler weather, the time to insulate solar water heater components is now. Since your solar water heater works in conjunction with a regular water heater, adding insulation around the pipes and tank will preserve the heat for use when the sun is not shining.

Wrapping your water heater with an insulating blanket is a simple task that can be completed with the following steps:

  1. Measure the height and circumference of your water heater, as well as the diameter of the top of the tank. Add the circumference around your tank to the diameter of the top to determine how wide your insulation blanket needs to be. Using the height measurement as the length and the combined circumference and diameter as the width, purchase a fiberglass hot water blanket that is large enough to cover the entire tank.
  2. Measure the length of any exposed hot water pipes between the tank and the wall. Don’t be concerned with pipes that are not easily accessible.
  3. Begin rolling the fiberglass blanket around the tank by duct taping one edge down and unrolling the insulation until you have slightly overlapped the edges. Cut off the excess insulation material, then use more duct tape to attach the loose end of the blanket to itself.
  4. Using the remaining blanket material, cut out a circle to fit on top of your water heater. Make appropriate cutouts for protrusions, slicing from the edge of the circle if necessary to provide a proper fit.
  5. Tape down the top piece of insulation to the main blanket piece, and seal up any cuts with more duct tape to prevent excess heat loss.
  6. Place pipe insulation around any exposed pipes between your water heater and wall. Use a utility knife to cut each section to length, then wrap the insulated pipe with duct tap every few feet to secure it.

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Credit/Copyright Attribution: “Cherkas/Shutterstock”