Surge Protectors and the Benefits that They OfferYou may think of a surge protector as a tool for keeping your computer or other electronics safe during a brown out or blackout. Did you know that surge protectors can be used to keep your HVAC system from being damaged when there are problems with the electricity? Investing in surge protectors can pay off big time. 

The Cause of Surges

Surges can be caused by weather, problems with utilities and electrical issues in your home. Lightning occasionally cause surges, and it is possible for utility companies to experience issues that cause surges throughout a region.

It is most common for surges to be internally sourced. This means that something inside your home is causing surges to occur. The motor in your air conditioning, refrigerator, dishwasher, washer or dryer all have the potential to cause a surge. These surges could do permanent damage to appliances or your HVAC system.

How Surge Protectors Help

Surge protectors are able to prevent the surges that are caused by any of the sources mentioned above. These protectors work to redirect the surge that flows through the electrical system to prevent it from reaching the grounded current.

Benefits of Using a Surge Protector

A surge protector can be thought of as a method of insuring your HVAC system against damage. These protectors are inexpensive, and you can avoid the permanent damage that may be done when a surge damages your HVAC system.

Professional Surge Protector Installation

Installing a surge protector isn’t a complicated task, but the best method of enjoying the benefits provided by a protector is by having a professional technician handle installation. An experienced, friendly technician from Wolff Mechanical can evaluate any protection you’re using to keep your HVAC system from being damaged. A surge protector can be professionally installed to ensure that your heating and cooling system is afforded the maximum amount of protection against the serious damage that can be done by an electrical surge. Contact Wolff Mechanical today for more information.

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