Other Energy Tax Credits Have Expired, But Not Those For SolarA solar photovoltaic system is an attractive option for homeowners who live in the Phoenix Valley region. Often touted as the ideal geographic location for sourcing solar power, homeowners who have a PV system installed to power their home cooling and heating equipment, along with other appliances and lighting, can expect significant savings year-round, especially because of the tax credits that are still available for solar-power systems.


In 2011, most tax credits for energy-efficiency home equipment expired, but those for renewable energy sources like solar are still active, and will be until 2016. If you’re ready to benefit from the potential of a solar-powered system, here’s what you need to know about the tax credits:

  • The tax credits are for 30 percent of the total cost of solar equipment, with no cap on the limit of the total cost.
  • The solar system must be installed no later than Dec. 31, 2016.
  • You can access the tax credits for systems installed in a primary residence or a second home.
  • The tax credits are also available if you’re installing solar equipment in a newly built home or an existing one.

There are two types of solar equipment to which you can apply the tax credits:

  • Photovoltaic systems, which produce electricity for a home. Before you proceed, be sure that the system you select and install meets your local electrical and fire codes, or it won’t qualify for the tax credits.
  • Solar water-heating systems, which use solar energy to heat water for the home. To meet the requirements for eligibility, the solar water heater must generate hot water for use within your home, not for a hot tub or pool. The tax credits can only be applied to the actual solar water-heating equipment, not any other component that may be used within the home to heat water.

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