The Ductless Mini-Split: 4 Decades Old and Better Than EverThe ductless mini-split was designed in Asia during the 1970s in an effort to find an effective method to cool homes and offices where space constraints made ducted systems impractical or impossible and where window units were unattractive and blocked sunlight.
With design and technology advancements through the years, ductless systems are better than ever today, and you may discover that it is the best cooling and heating option for your remodel, addition or perhaps for your entire home.
More Installation Options
While wall-mounted indoor air handlers are the most common type of installation, homeowners today can opt for ceiling- and floor-mounted air handlers.The length of the conduit has expanded from about 15 feet to more than 200 feet, providing greater distance and more location options for the indoor and outdoor components. Moreover, concealed mini-ducted systems are becoming popular for cooling, heating and dehumidifying two adjoining spaces, such as a master bedroom and a large walk-in closet.

Greater Performance, Superior Comfort

The performance-driven components of the modern ductless mini-split are what separate them from older models and put them ahead of many other forced-air systems. These mini-splits deliver greater efficiency and offer easier care and maintenance. These are some of the latest innovations:

  • Inverter-driven compressors adjust frequency to match real-time cooling and heating load in the living space and deliver the precise amount of refrigerant to maintain indoor temperature at the thermostat set point.
  • The switch to high-efficiency refrigerant (R410A), which delivers an excellent heat-transfer coefficient, has allowed the development of smaller systems delivering 30 percent greater efficiency.
  • Variable-speed air handlers optimize indoor comfort and maximize heat exchange.
  • New indoor-air quality components provide multiple levels of air filtration and air purification to help safeguard household members from airborne viruses, bacteria and allergens, as well as volatile organic compounds and stale odors from indoor air.

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