Think a Zoning System Will Improve Your Home's Comfort Level?A zoning system puts multiple thermostats in charge of heating and cooling your home. Dampers in the ductwork allow a single air conditioner or furnace to independently change the temperature in different rooms.

If you’re not sure whether a zoning system will improve your home’s comfort level, ask yourself these questions:

  • Does my home have multiple floors?
  • Have I noticed that some rooms are cooler or warmer in certain seasons or times of day?
  • Do some rooms feel stuffy?
  • Are there some rooms my family rarely uses?
  • Do some family members want their rooms warmer while others want them cooler?
  • Do I have a home office?

If you answered “yes” to more than one of these questions, you could certainly stand to gain from having a zoning system installed. Why do most homes need zoning? The reasons are many:

  • Insulation differs from room to room, which allows exterior conditions to affect individual areas of the home differently.
  • Southern-exposure rooms are warmed by the sun all day, rooms on the west side are hot in the late afternoon, and north-facing rooms are generally cool all the time.
  • Warm air rises, so your upstairs bedrooms are likely to require less heat than the living room or kitchen. Yet, in a standard, one-thermostat  home, the heating and cooling is determine by temperature readings in one spot, usually a hallway near the living room.

If you choose to install a zoning system based on your home’s needs, you can expect to enjoy two core benefits:

  • Comfort: No matter which room you’re in or what your individual temperature preference, you can achieve it with a zoning system. For example, Dad in the west-facing office can stay cool and comfortable without blasting the baby with frigid cold air while she naps in her north-facing room.
  • Energy savings: Zone your home so sleeping and public areas are separate. That way, you can condition different areas based on where you spend your time at night and during the day. This saves energy by only conditioning part of your home at a time.

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