Tight Ductwork Is Key to Energy Savings, Any Time of YearYour home’s ductwork is a vital part of your HVAC system. It circulates conditioned air from your forced-air heating and cooling system throughout your house, keeping your family comfortable all year long. Despite its important role, ductwork is often forgotten unless an obvious problem arises. Ensuring your ducts are well-sealed, however, can benefit your family in many ways.

Importance of Well-Sealed Ducts

You can keep your family more comfortable this winter, save energy (and money), and keep the environment in your home safer by ensuring your ducts are both designed appropriately for your home’s needs and also tightly sealed. Some benefits you will experience from sealing your ducts are:

  • A more constant temperature throughout the home. No more colder rooms in the winter or hotter rooms in the summer.
  • Increased indoor air quality. Sealing your ducts will keep unwanted fumes, chemicals, dust and debris out of your home’s air circulation.
  • Saving money. A leaky duct system can result in up to 20 percent less efficiency in your heating and cooling system. By sealing your ducts, you will save money, and if you replace faulty ducts with a well-designed, tight duct system, you may save even more.

Signs of Poorly Performing Ducts

Your home may have leaky ducts if:

  • Some rooms in the house are always cold in the winter and hot in the summer, no matter what the thermostat says.
  • Stuffy feeling rooms.
  • Unusually high winter or summer utility bills
  • Some duct sections run through the attic, crawlspace or garage
  • You have visibly damaged or kinked ducts, especially flexible ducts.

Improve Ductwork Performance

You can take some simple steps to improve your ducts performance. Sealing any leaks in ductwork that you can see using metallic tape or mastic sealant (never duct tape) is a good place to start. Also check at the registers and vents to ensure a tight seal. Lastly, you can hire a professional to help you replace the ducts if needed.

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