Here's What You Need to Know If You're Upgrading Your FurnaceIf you’re concerned your furnace won’t last another winter, keep in mind that breakdowns usually occur during times of high demand. The holiday season usually brings more visitors to your home and a heating system failure on a cold night just isn’t an option. There are several factors to consider when making the decision to upgrade your furnace.

Age of the Furnace

The inside cover of your furnace should contain a plate with a serial number. If you don’t know the age, call the manufacturer with this information to get the year. A furnace usually has a lifespan of around 15 years, depending on regular maintenance. Furnaces used extensively without proper care may develop problems and need replacing in less time, while a well-maintained unit can last much longer without breakdowns.

Maintenance Costs

When a component fails in your heating system, other parts are usually going to need repair in the near future. If the repair cost of your furnace amounts to more than 40 percent of a new furnace replacement, experts recommend replacing the furnace. Replacing a heat exchanger will bring the repair total over 40 percent in most cases, unless you have a warranty.

Energy Efficiency

Most modern furnaces are over 90 percent efficient. High end models are around 97 percent efficient. The government minimum for furnace efficiency is 78 percent. The (AFUE) or Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency rating is the efficiency measurement displayed on new furnaces. Homeowners in colder climates will recoup the initial investment quickly because of improved efficiency. Warmer climates may need more time, but all areas will benefit over time.

Home Safety

Older heating systems need to be monitored to ensure no carbon monoxide is released in the home. Detectors should be in place on all of the floors in your home. A new furnace will minimize the risk of this danger. However, detectors should be used with both new and old gas furnaces.

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