Heat pumps offer Phoenix Valley homeowners an energy-efficient alternative to traditional forms of heating and cooling. However, to enjoy that efficiency, you have to properly maintain your system. In fact, routine professional maintenance can reduce energy-consumption by as much as 25 percent annually. But what is preventive maintenance and how often should it be performed?

Routine professional maintenance involves a thorough inspection of your heating and cooling system with proper adjustments and repairs being made as needed. This in-depth evaluation of your heat pump should be performed at least once a year and preferably twice. Here are just some of the areas addressed during a professional maintenance checkup:

  • Blower components will be inspected and adjusted to maximize airflow.
  • Coils will be cleansed of dirt and debris.
  • Ducts will be inspected for blockages and/or leaks and cleaned and sealed as appropriate.
  • Electrical components will be cleaned and tightened to ensure operational safety.
  • Lubrication will be added to moving parts of the motor.
  • Refrigerant levels will be checked for accuracy and charged if necessary. Any suspected leaks will be addressed.
  • System controls will be evaluated for proper operation.
  • Thermostat will be tested to determine accuracy of readings.

In addition, there are certain preventive maintenance duties that can be performed by homeowners all year round. For instance:

  • You can inspect air filters monthly, cleaning or changing as necessary.
  • Keep outdoor coils free of debris and cut back any nearby plant life.
  • Make sure fan remains clean.
  • Make it a habit to routinely clean dust away from supply and return registers.

By combining your efforts with that of our trained technicians, you can ensure that your heat pump heating and cooling system runs at maximum capacity all year round. Not only will preventive maintenance allow you to enjoy a greater level of energy-efficiency and savings, you’ll also enjoy a higher level of indoor air quality and comfort. For more information on the benefits of preventive maintenance, contact Arizona’s own Wolff Mechanical Inc. today for expert consultation.

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