At Wolff Mechanical, we work hard to help with all your Scottsdale air conditioning repair needs. Did you know that certain at home repairs on an air conditioning unit are illegal for you to perform on your own? At Wolff Mechanical we love to educate our clients and we would never want to see any of them behind bars. Most of the illegal at-home maintenance ac repairs will just wind up leaving you with a nasty fine, but we wanted to share a few illegal activities to avoid when dealing with DIY air conditioning repairs.

Understand the Laws Regarding Working on an Air Conditioner

Wolff Mechanical Inc.

  1. Know what it is legal for an unlicensed homeowner to do to their own equipment. There is no national or federal law regulating what a private citizen can do with their own air conditioner. There are, however, laws requiring professional certification by the U.S. Environmental Protection Administration and state and local regulations regarding licenses and professional standards for persons doing this work.
  2. Understand that a refrigeration supply company will not sell refrigerants or other regulated supplies to unlicensed individuals. You may find a source online, at sites like Craigslist and eBay, but the actual purchase may still be illegal.
  3. Do not work on other individuals’ air conditioning units for pay if you are unlicensed, you may be fined or face other legal actions for doing so.

Wolff Mechanical is comprised a many talented professional air conditioning technicians. Our highly trained staff is available to help with all your air conditioning repair services. Please contact us today to help avoid any illegal business in regards to your air conditioning services.

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