When Your Tech Installs Your Condensing Gas Furnace: Key ConsiderationsIf you’re having a condensing gas furnace installed in your central Arizona home, you’ll almost surely be using professional help. Here are some key things your contractor should consider:

  • Furnaces shouldn’t be in or near laundry rooms: Some of the chemicals used to wash clothes will be sucked into the furnace and cause corrosion. Even if the furnace is fed air from the outside, indoor air is still very likely to leak in.
  • Make sure your contractor follows the condensing gas furnace manual. Each furnace is slightly different. Make sure your contractor recognizes this so that they won’t miss an important step that’s unique to the model you’ve chosen.
  • Proper venting will be needed. Decide where you want it. In new homes, vents are often run straight up through the roof, but this is expensive and difficult in existing construction. Often, the best option will be running the vent through a side wall, which is the most common venting stragegy for a condensing gas furnace. Depending on where you intend to place the furnace, this could involve modifying other rooms. Additionally, an existing chimney may not work because newer furnaces vent less air and water vapor may accumulate.
  • Make sure the furnace is the right size. If it’s too small, it will run continuously as it struggles to heat your house and burns extra fuel in the process. If it’s too large, it will cycle on and off frequently, wasting energy and not evenly heating your home.
  • Some newer furnaces use more electricity. This helps them run more efficiently and reduces gas consumption, but your home will need to be properly equipped to handle this electrical load.
  • Consider having the furnace raised. Especially in a basement, placing it on top of a few inches of concrete or bricks could save it from damage if the basement is ever flooded.
  • Before moving forward with your condensing furnace installation, consult with your contractor about whether the more expensive condensing gas furnace is the best option for our mild winter climate. You may find out that you can get by with a less expensive option.

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