Maintaining optimal indoor humidity with whole-house humidification brings many benefits, such as alleviating dry skin, and protects wood furnishings and the home structure. Humidification also provides a line of defense for you and your loved ones against transmission and infection of the flu virus. Flu virus and dry air 

Homeowners throughout Phoenix and Central Arizona contend with the discomforts of dry air on a daily basis. Dry and chapped skin, sore throat, dry respiratory system and even static-electric shocks can frazzle your last nerve.

Unfortunately, the flu virus thrives in dry air, too. Studies have revealed that the flu virus produces a protective coating when the outside weather is cold and dry, in contrast to humid and warm conditions. The protective coating makes the virus more stable, which gives it more time to transmit and infect a host.

To compound this problem, the weather conditions in which the flu virus thrives are the same conditions that cause dry nose and throat. When the flu virus is inhaled by you or a family member suffering from dry nose and throat, the protective coating practically melts in the dry passages and causes infection.

Whole-house humidification 

For many Central Arizona homeowners, whole-house humidification provides relief by moisturizing the air and surfaces in the home. Your HVAC professional installs automatic water feed and drainage to the plumbing and affixes the whole-house humidifier to the ductwork system. To enjoy optimally humidified air, set the humidistat to your preferred humidity setting.

Whole-house humidifiers are available as powered systems, which means the heating or cooling system doesn’t need to be running for the humidifier to humidify your home. Most regions only need humidification during cold winter months. In our region, whole-house humidification provides relief all year long.

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