Wolff Mechanical not only helps with Scottsdale air conditioning services, but is also available to help with heaters and water heaters. Winter is heading our way and keeping your home warm is important, but running the heater can be pricey. Also heating up water in the home can take more time and also waste more energy. Before winter gets into full swing, let Wolff Mechanical run a routine maintenance on your water heater and heating system. Maintaining heating systems and water heaters is key to lowering energy bills. Today we would also like to share a few tips to help keep energy bills down and homes warm this winter.

Wolff MechanicalWinter Warm Up Tips

When the sun is shinning keep blinds open to let in the heat of the sun, but make sure to close them once the sun goes down.

Set all ceiling fans in a reverse position to help circulate the heat from the sun.

If you have a fireplace this can often use a lot of energy, so make your damper is closed when it is not in use.

Lower the water heater to 120 degrees, which will help reduce the amount of fuel needed to heat your water.

Check the weather stripping on all your doors and windows to make sure you are keeping cold air out of the home.

Change the furnace filter every month.

Add extra insulation to your home to keep cold air out.

Insulating pipes can help to save money on heating up your water during the winter months.

Wolff Mechanical is comprised of many talented professional air conditioning, water heater and heating technicians. Our highly trained staff is available to help with all your  repair services. Please contact us today is you have any water heater or heating maintenance issues.

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